Connecting East is located in the southeastern part of Denmark. The basic idea of Connecting East is to assist companies who want to create business relations between China and Denmark. To have basic knowledge of culture is a great starting point for a successful venture. Especially start-up companies may benefit greatly from a thorough introduction to a culturally very different country. Getting knowledge of customs and ways of life is the shortcut to a productive Chinese/Danish business adventure.

The founder of Connecting East - Jenni Cao Gyldensøe - is originally from Tianjin China, and has been living in Denmark for 16 years. Jenni is a graduate of the University of Southern Denmark with a major in marketing management. Because of her passion for culture, she decided to start her own company called Connecting East. She firmly believes that:

Culture is the symbol and soul of a country. The understanding of cultural background is the starting point for establishing cooperation。